As a small to medium sized business, we understand how scaling up efficiently and effectively whilst adapting to the market trends and changing climate can be difficult.

You find yourselves competing with larger organisations with stronger branding, who also have the bigger budgets and resourcing teams to attract the top talent.

As an SME, it’s important for us to let the top talent know about you: your story, where you came from, how you’ve grown and the successes you have achieved in alignment with the company’s vision – not forgetting the kind of people that have helped build and deliver that success as a team.

Candidates joining want to know:

  • What is the company culture? This becomes important when joining a small to medium company in what is assumed to be a smaller team (than that of a larger more corporate organisation)
  • Is there career progression for me to take my next step ?
  • Is the company reputable, one I can be proud to work for ?

We will build a relationship in order to understand every part of your business.

That means the ‘bigger picture’ – how each team fits in, how they all impact each other, as well as how they all contribute and depend on each other as part of your company’s high-level strategy and longer term plans.

This allows us to search, qualify and match the right candidates, not just those with the aligned skills set and team fit but those who know what kind of companies they want to work for. In turn, this creates synergies for those who will offer value-add and longevity.

Our united values & endeavour drive us to deliver the best outcome in the most meaningful way.