BlackCode is home to expert recruiters delivering tech talent on single-search and managed projects, working in and alongside business leaders with some of the UK’s largest brands.

We help our clients with their demand for the digital ability to engage with their customers when they want, where they want, with dependable brand and user experience.

Loving what we do is the start, enjoying the satisfaction that comes with delivering measurably better results for our clients and candidates drives us in going the extra mile. We’re a company of mature professionals with common values that unite our business and how we work with our customers.

Our Expertise_

Digital, Software Engineering & QA

  • Software engineering
  • UI/UX design
  • Software testing and QA
  • Scrum & Agile
  • DevOps
  • Technical architecture

Change & Transformation

  • Change management
  • Programme/Project management
  • PMO
  • Business analysis
  • Architecture
  • Product management

Senior Appointments

  • C-Suite
  • Director
  • VP & SVP
  • Divisional & departmental Head
  • Regional management

Our Values_

Customers come first:

  • We are driven by customer happiness
  • We are built on relentless commitment
  • We are delivery focused


  • We encourage and support new ideas
  • We are extremely resourceful
  • We operate an ‘excuses are your own’ dogma


  • Coming together propels our learning & development
  • Cognitive diversity is key to innovation
  • We make positive changes and partnerships


  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Honesty throughout every interaction

Our united values & endeavour drive us to deliver the best outcome in the most meaningful way.